Here’s how Netflix could stream 8K TV shows

While 8K TVs aren’t exactly ten-a-penny these days, there’s no denying that displays sporting the ultra-high resolution are growing in number – and that their fortunes will be inextricably tied up with support for 8K content in the coming years.

You won’t get anything like 8K on Netflix, Disney Plus, or similar streaming services for one, given the huge amounts of data that need to be transferred over an internet connection. But technologies are emerging that could reduce this problem.

The 8K Association reports that the kind of video encoding utilised by Netflix may offer a strategy for transferring 8K video manageably. This “per title encoding” – also known as “content-aware encoding” by the Ultra HD Forum – effectively encodes videos on a “scene-by-scene basis”, packaging up content into more easily transferred parts than attempting to move a file in full. It’s a bit like getting a bicycle in the mail in five different boxes, rather than one giant box that will be much harder to transit.

Source: Here’s how Netflix could stream 8K TV shows