Report: 8.5m WFH in UK have had broadband issues

Virgin Media’s WiFi has been down this morning (March 10th) causing serious disruption to the masses working from home throughout the UK.

Stats from a Quadient survey of 2,000 UK adults explained the wider problem for remote workers:

  • 8.5 million UK households have experienced broadband problems, disrupting their work or personal lives over the course of the lockdown.
  • 66 per cent of us have been relying on online services more during lockdown – so having a problem with your internet connection will be a bigger issue than before.
  • UK consumers rank broadband as the third most important service in their lives, above key utilities and banking. They would even rate using the internet for something like streaming a movie than having a gas supply to heat their home, showing the public would literally choose to ‘Netflix and chill’.

Source: Report: 8.5m WFH in UK have had broadband issues