AV1 Turns 2.0 – Streaming Learning Center

Just a quick announcement that the Alliance for Open Media has launched version 2.0 of the AOMedia AV1 encoder that you can download here. According to the Phoronix website, from which I grabbed this news:

“Libaom 2.0 is the first release since the original 1.0 release back in mid-2018 after the AOMedia codec working group approved the 1.0 release. The developers view this AOMedia AV1 2.0 release as now being their “first official release” for production. Libaom 2.0 adds a real-time encoding mode, SVC support, drops multi-resolution encoding, documentation updates, and other improvements to this open-source AV1 reference encoder.

Source: AV1 Turns 2.0 – Streaming Learning Center