The Future of TV: Light Field Emitting Televisions

People often ask me what is the “next big thing” is for television? They sometimes ask this for true insight but generally it is just as an ice breaker.  As with any industry, the history of the “next big thing” is full of successes and failures. For a while the “next big thing” was thought to be 3D. Early in the hype cycle for 3D I rejected it for being just that, hype. This was partially influenced by my daughter when she saw the Pixar’s Up in 3D, she stomped out of the cinema and asked to never go to a 3D showing ever again, she was six at the time. After all, 3D TV and cinema is essential a parlor trick (stereoscopy) invent by the Victorians during the early days of photography. By showing two different images to your eyes, your brain is tricked into thinking you are looking at an object with depth and not a flat image. But our brains use other techniques to detect depth that 3D TV and cinema don’t exhibit, the lack of which stresses our brains, leading to headaches and the like. One of these techniques is looking for parallax, which is where, as you move your head, the objects in your field of vision change positon relative to each other.  Of course, there is also the issue with having to wear special glasses, which can be heavy and can get lost.

Source: The Future of TV: Light Field Emitting Televisions